Open Journals

OpenJournals (EN) offers an affordable and sustainable publication alternative for journals in the humanities and social sciences. offers the opportunity for humanities scholars and social scientists to publish without financial barriers in relevant, peer-reviewed journals that are fully open access available.

The four guiding principles of the platform are:

Diamond Open Access

Publishing costs are not borne by author contributions (the so-called Article Processing Charges, APCs), but via a contribution model from stakeholders such as the Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW), the Dutch Research Council (NWO), learned societies, universities and their libraries. A modest contribution is requested from the journals for the use of the infrastructure.


Copyright remains with the authors. Articles are published under a CC-BY license by default. Scholars can also opt for a CC BY-ND license. This means that the publications meet the requirements of open access publishing and Plan S.

Distributed Journal Model

The platform provides a support function , both technical and substantive, for the participating editorial offices and publishing bodies (editorial teams, scientific societies and publishers) of journals and in the technical infrastructure (ICT provider / hosting). Editorial entities remain independent in their editorial policy.

Stakeholder Governed Model

For the sustainable financing and administrative safeguarding of the platform, a model has been chosen in which stakeholders carry the platform and are involved through a foundation that is responsible for the open access policy of the platform.