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‘Publicly funded research must be accessible to everyone. At the same time, in many academic fields, there are valuable publishing channels that are not based on a business revenue model. We must therefore work together to ensure that the principle of open access can be achieved across the entire breadth of science, taking into account relevant differences.’

Prof. dr. Ineke Sluiter, President Royal Academy of Sciences

‘It is important for diversity in the landscape that Dutch journals also get the chance to make the switch to open access. Due to our membership of cOAlition S, NWO feels a responsibility to help in this regard. We are happy that the KNAW Humanities Cluster will take the lead in this.’

Prof. dr. Stan Gielen, Chair Dutch Research Council (NWO)

‘We think it is important to contribute to digital infrastructure for the humanities. There are countless important academic journals that are not published by a large international publisher, but by, for example, a Dutch scholarly association. The contributions can also be excellent science. We are happy to help them publish this in open access.’

Prof. dr. Lex Heerma van Voss, director of Huygens ING is an initiative of:

OPuS Foundation
OPuS Foundation is a non-profit foundation that is committed to open access publishing. With our programs and projects, the foundation wants to promote and stimulate the open access publication model for academic and applied research results. The project was initiated by Stichting OPuS.

With the cooperation of:

Humanities Cluster of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences
Three KNAW institutes in the humanities work together within the Humanities Cluster: the Huygens ING, the International Institute of Social History (IISH) and the Meertens Institute. The Humanities Cluster is currently playing a pioneering role in developing a national digital infrastructure for data and research within the humanities.

Royal Netherlands Historical Society
The Royal Netherlands Historical Society (KNHG) is the association of historians in the Netherlands. It plays an important role in the professionalization of occupation and its practitioners. KNHG advocates the interests of the profession by promoting professional development and labor market prospects, by looking at work ethics and the position of historians in their respective fields of work, is committed to the promotion of  societal relevance of history and the accessibility of historical sources.

Uopen Journals – Utrecht University
The Uopen Journals programme aimed to help journals in the humanities and social sciences with their transition to open access. By providing tailor-made advice on various aspects of academic publishing, as well as offering low-cost infrastructure, various journals have been able to make the transition to fully open access. The programme will cease to exist in 2020, but in collaboration with three journals from the portfolio the programme worked closely together in the research phase of to test the concept of such a platform.

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