Openjournals continues to grow

Amsterdam, March 2023 – Funding for the continued development of openjournals is in place. At the end of 2022, openjournals shared its plans for the coming years with representatives of the main Dutch scientific organizations. They support the direction openjournals wants to take.

Openjournals is a diamond open access platform for scientific journals, which can be used by editors to publish their journals. The platform was launched in 2021 and made possible by a start-up grant from the NWO. In addition, openjournals is also supported by a number of universities and the financial contributions of participating journals. There are now 24 journals available through openjournals and a new journal is added almost every month.

Sustainable embedding

There is now regular consultation with the interested organizations in order to embed openjournals sustainably in the academic Netherlands. Now that the funding is in place, openjournals will focus in the coming years on:

  • Hosting more journals
  • Expanding platform functionality
  • Expanding services to editors
  • Promoting cooperation of editorial staff
  • Collaboration with other (European) journal platforms

Open access publishing

Diamond open access publishing is in the spotlight and there is much support for this model that allows scholars to publish their work open access without charging Article Processing Charges. Similar national platforms exist in many countries (Finland, Denmark, Sweden, France, etc.) and more are in the pipeline.

Openjournals is an attractive platform for existing journals eager to comply with the principles of Open Science. However, there are also many ideas for new journals. Openjournals allows future editors to shape their own wishes. The openjournals team is happy to think along to make those plans a reality.