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Editorial team

Executive Editor

Dr. Jessica Dijkman, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Co-executive Editor

Dr. Wouter Ryckbosch, Free University Brussels, Belgium

Dr Marion Pluskota, Leiden University, Netherlands

Managing Editor

Drs Astrid Verburg, International Institute of Social History

Editorial Board

Dr. Hilde Bras, Groningen University, Netherlands

Dr. Hilde Greefs, Antwerp University, Belgium

Dr Dennie Oude Nijhuis, Leiden University, Netherlands

Dr. Matthias van Rossum, International Institute of Social History, Netherlands

Dr. Yves Segers, Leuven University, Belgium

Dr. Antoon Vrints, Ghent University, Belgium

Advisory Board

Prof.dr. Prof.dr. Jan de Vries, University of California, Berkeley

Jan Luiten van Zanden, University of Utrecht

Jeffrey Williamson, Em. Harvard University

Peter Scholliers, Free University Brussels

Anne McCants, MIT School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences

Jan Lucassen, International Institute of Social History

Catharina Lis, Em. Free University Brussels

Marjolein 't Hart, Huygens Instituut ING

Nandini Gooptu, University of Oxford

Peer Vries, Em. University of Vienna

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